Down with pages of yellow!

Do you know what we don’t have time for?  Old fashioned hard copy paper phonebooks.

It seems that every few months another stack of phonebooks arrives on my doorstep.  Usually I leave them sitting there to serve as a warning to other phonebooks that might wish to invade my home.  Unfortunately, this tactic seldom works, the phonebooks keep coming, and eventually I have to toss them in the recycling bin so that visitors don’t think I’m building a fort out of them.

If I need to look up a phone number there are many excellent and easy to find resources on the internet that will assist you – online phonebooks, “the Google,” email, Facebook, etc.  The only time I needed to use a physical phonebook in the last several years is when my internet went down and I needed to find the phone number of my internet service provider.  For a few brief moments I was glad to have a phonebook.  But then I could not find Broadstripe (who? – my ISP) anywhere in the phonebook.  Nowhere.  Not under television, cable, internet, not in the yellow pages, the blue pages, the white pages, the mauve pages or the goldenrod pages.  Maybe Broadstripe isn’t the biggest cable/internet provider in Seattle, but they serve at least several square blocks surrounding my house, so they should be in the book.  It was at this point that I decided phonebooks, aside from being responsible for the destruction of countless trees and other environmental ravages, were also completely worthless.

Finally, today, I came across this article and gained the upper hand in the war against phonebooks.  I have removed myself from the delivery list of 6 different phonebooks (I’m not exaggerating or making that number up, there were really 6 phonebooks listed as delivering to my address).  So do yourself a favor and stop the senseless waste and annoying clutter by going here:, and help me take a bite out of the yellowpages!

– Dan via Sara

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