2010 – A Eulogy

Where I rang in the New Year
The pubs I spent New Years Eve at in beautiful Greasbrough: 1. The Crown, 2. The Ship, 3. The Yellow Lion (where I rang it in). A much smaller affair than I had planned/boasted, but a great time all the same

The fast and fabulous transition I have taken from 2010 to 2011 has given me pause to evaluate all that has happened to and for me in the past year ([un]surprisingly). My travels around England have almost been travels around myself, as I’ve had chance to get back to all that which I left behind in October 2008. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and edifying process, and as such I feel moved to share it with those that care to listen, that it might offer a chance to reflect on their own traverse across life in 2010.

For me, 2010 began much as 2009 had, with an insufferable headache and a few largely benign regrets. Some of which required reparations, others merely mental strength. I won’t bore you with an exhaustive blow by blow of all the things that have happened to me, but I can hopefully skim over some of the highlights in order to illustrate how important a year this was to me.

On January 4th this year, I decided that I’d take a walk across London from Waterloo station to Euston to gather my thoughts and slow down what had really been a race against time up to that point. I set off on New Years eve to West Yorkshire, and in what can only be described as a whistle-stop tour, I traversed the greater span of the country in order to see old friends and re-visit old haunts (major kudos to the british rail system, you were the best supporting actor of this picture). Such as would take me on my return leg from London to ManchesterIt was a smashing success, and as I emerged from Waterloo station that Tuesday and gazed upon that famous sunset, I was in paradise. It didn’t matter that the actual setting sun was obscured behind the predictable grey of a British January day, an enormous feeling of wellbeing flowed over me.

HPAs I crossed that dirty old river via the Westminster bridge I mused upon what had made my 2010. A year down at the new job, more dating than ever before, new and exciting friendships, the opportunity for funs that this afforded me, an automobile accident parlayed into a triumphant arrival in Capitol Hill and more gigs, happy hours, communal meals, parties and all around joy than any one man should legally be allowed.

I stood in the shadow of Big Ben as it tolled the hour and I knew things were disgustingly good. I live where I’m supposed be, I am finding and taking the opportunities I should be. Could 2010 have been better? Possibly. But then I’d probably feel far too guilty about it.

So tonight I raise my glass to you, old friends and new. I hope we’ll have a chance to do so in person many more times before this whole thing is through. And perhaps at a greater frequency than once every two years, regardless of where we all end up.

I also got to watch Back to the Future on New Years day……that movie flippin’ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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