Holiday Gifts 2011: A Starter Guide

If you are one of those who waits until the last minute to pull together all of your holiday gifts, now may be a good time to start shopping for next year.

Since we’re good friends and all, I figure I’ll help you out by giving you a few ideas to get you started with the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

First, if you’ve ever knowThe weapon that isn't *really* a weaponn someone to who really wants to own a weapon, but isn’t really into guns, this first gift will be the thing for them. The S3 Spyder III Arctic laser is a powerful laser (the most powerful you can legally own in fact!) that can burn through plastic, balloons (mutually exclusive of course) and much, much more! So if you know someone who is looking to burn through something (or maybe protect herself from mean old spiders!) this will do the trick!

Soap for those you don't want to have to buy presents for next year.

This next gift you may want to reserve for those on your list that you don’t like quite as much, or who may have a really strange sense of humor. I’m not saying you’ll need to buy this, but you know, just in case. That’s right kids, soap with a razor blade in it. The website may say that it’s for decorative purposes only, but we all know they only had to write that for legal reasons…..*

It's nothing, *really*

For those on your list that you don’t really know what to get, or don’t particularly want to get them anything, or maybe they already have everything, I’ve found the solution for you! Nothing! I could say more, but I think the description says it best: “This lovingly crafted vial of emptiness is filled to the brim with unfettered nothingness.” !!

For those that just need a hug

And last but, definitely not least and my personal favorite, the Hug Me Pillow. Have a single friend who likes to cuddle but has no one to cuddle with? What about someone who isconstantly in long distance relationships? Or someone who’s husband sometimes wanders off to Abu Dhabi? This is the perfect gift for them. Not only does this pillow provide comfort while you sleep, it is proven 92.3% effective at making the owner feel less lonely. Don’t believe me? Simply read this raving review. This pillow is sold out for now, probably because it was a popular gift this year, even more of a reason to start shopping early.

There you have it, your starter guide for 2011 holiday gifts.

Happy Shopping!

*For legal reasons, I am publicly encouraging you to encourage the recipient of this gift to only use it as  decorative soap.
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