LL Bean: A glowing recommendation!

LL Bean may just be one of the greatest stores ever.

So… instead of doing what I usually do with clothes, which is sometimes buying quantity over quality (although still striving for quality) ‘cuz I hate shopping for clothes more often than necessary… I resisted the “best” holiday sales and went with a proven retailer (although Macy’s sale items are worth browsing).  There was free shipping (a shipping cost is almost a deal breaker for me), but the prices were unchanged.  Regular prices, but still reasonable.

I have a cardigan/sweater that I always used to wear (see below).  Then, it became discolored due to being in the wash with a new pair of jeans (after 10+ washes those jeans STILL add a blue hue to any piece of clothing).  Well, guess what?  That zip up sweater came from LL Bean.  It has held up well.

I decided I needed something similar for work.  The beauty of the sweater is it’s appropriate for any setting, and since my collar shirts and slacks are all different sizes (and ages!) the zip up sweater can easily hide those ill-fitting subtleties while maintaining a professional appearance.  Plus, it’s winter.

SO, I decided it was time to replace that sweater.  In fact, I’ll go with a few color combinations.  Ordered, shipped, delivered.  Done.

This evening I decided to check the website once more for a crazy year-end deal and I discovered that the three sweaters I just bought had all dropped in price by more than $10 each.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “I wonder if they have some sort of price guarantee.”  I call the I-800 #.  Yep, sure enough, within 30 days LL Bean certainly does.  Over $30 is being credited back to my CC!

Then I discovered the 100% satisfaction guarantee:  http://www.llbean.com/customerService/aboutLLBean/guarantee.html

Should I return the first sweater now?  That is, 2+ years later?  Why not?

In closing, I strongly endorse LL Bean for its quality, reasonable prices, and stellar customer service.

(LL Bean may have a well established reputation in the Northeast, but its closest store is 2,000 miles from Seattle.)

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3 Responses to LL Bean: A glowing recommendation!

  1. Erik says:

    L.L. Bean has issued a $39 check (the original purchase price) for my first sweater. It was purchased in 2007.

  2. Erik says:

    Can it get any better?

    LL Bean introduces free shipping. “No minimum, no end date, just free.”

    From the Associated Press:

    L.L. Bean drops shipping charges

    FREEPORT, Maine — As retailers increasingly turn to free shipping to lure customers, L.L. Bean on Thursday upped the ante by waiving shipping fees all the time, with no minimum order, putting pressure on rivals.

    Read more >>>

  3. seattlerik says:

    In December 2010 I purchased Double L® Cotton Sweater, Full-Zip (Item:TA258292) Forest Shade/Sycamore.


    In October 2011 I returned it as an exchange for Navy.

    Why? I just didn’t like the color. One year doesn’t change that.

    The navy sweater just arrived. :) No problem.

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