How DARE you FOX!!!

I’m sure you’ve all heard recently about the tragic shooting of John T Williams in Seattle this past August. The episode was as mournful as it was enraging, especially given the multitudinous transgressions of the Seattle Police Department* in recent months.

On this evenings Q13 ‘news’ broadcast we were promised revelations about the side of the local woodcarver we’ve never seen before. The piece is as asinine as it is offensive (well, almost), basically showing squad car footage of recent run ins with Williams. The coup de grace of the segment is an off screen voice, reported to be Williams, apparently verbally abusing and threatening the entire Seattle Police Department.

On its 9 O’clock run this segment was aired without comment, context or insight. It was run as a second to some banal storm report from Marysville. I’d just like to say congratulations FOX, its really heartening to see you flexing your journalistic integrity with an attempt at character assassination of a clearly troubled man. A man slain in what can be best described as suspicious circumstances by the Police.

FOX and I rarely see eye to eye. But that was disgusting.

*You know things ain’t all rosy if the LA Times is calling out your police force

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